Tips for Selling Digital Products on Ebay

Selling any products can be a bit difficult. But, if you sell digital products like software, eBooks and video tutorials on eBay, then you have the chance to make some extra money. The question is how to sell these digital products. There are few important things that you should know before you start selling on ebay .

Tips for Selling Digital Products on Ebay

Why sell digital stuff on eBay?

By spending a few bucks, people can easily buy digital items from eBay along with their resell rights. Thus, people who are just starting with this will be able to sell the digital product over and over again in order to earn money. Selling digital items is much more convenient compared to items like electronics or golf clubs which needs spaces to be stored in. This will also require money which you will have to draw from your savings. Digital items are stored in your computer’s hard disk and hence no physical space is allotted to them. They can be directly shipped to customers without any trouble. After the customers make the payments for the products, they can easily download it from the site, and hence there is no worry about space utilization. Customers can get their products in a jiffy without having to actually wait for the deliveries to take place.

The selling procedure

By simply giving a download link to customers, one can easily get over with the entire buying and selling procedure. After they have made the checkout, the download link can be given to them and there are several advantages to this procedure. The simplicity of the process will itself attract more customers to your product as they will see that they can receive the product within minutes of making the payment. Since many people are afraid of attachments containing viruses, they will be more careful about this. For the seller, this process is more convenient than emailing the digital items to them. There is greater authenticity in the process and customers would be able to receive and confirm within a short while.

The first step is choosing a file hosting site, where one does not require creating an account. You need to browse for your files while on the site, and give the download a name. A download and removal link will be provided. The next process is the listing of the items, which is done by clicking on the ‘sell’ tab present at the top of eBay. Next, select ‘browse for categories’. Since, not all categories in eBay offer to sell digital items, you need to choose a category where you will be uploading your item. It is very important to specify that the item under sell is a digital item. Then copy-paste the download link in the box provided below. Lastly, you need to give a proper item description for your product and also a good and attractive title. That is all that one requires doing in order to sell his products at eBay. Make sure that all the processes are done correctly.

Now you know how to sell on ebay and things to sell on ebay – they are Digital Products like software, eBooks , so you can start  your buisness .