Small Living Room Decorating Ideas 2015

Are you looking for small living room decorating ideas in 2015 , this is right article for you .

As winter blends to spring, and light pours into my living room area, I can see how dingy and worn it has become. It looks like winter,  dark and gray and . In today’s tough economy, I can ill afford to redecorate, so I will refresh the room, as I have in the past.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas 2015

If you, too, need to bring a little spring into your living room, try these easy and inexpensive fixes.

Refresh Suggestions:

  • Replace the pillows for a new look. Try spring trending colors like melon and mint green.
  • Give the room a thorough clean. For a lemony scent use a lemon polish on all the woodwork even the lintels and baseboards. Then set out fragrant candles in the same color scheme as the new pillows.
  • I keep a blanket folded over the back of my rocking chair. I have several blankets in different colors. As spring approaches, I will put out a lightweight plaid blanket in a pale colored madras pattern.
  • If you keep plants in the room, consider a few flowering perennials in the same colors you used for the pillows and candles. Put them in planters of vibrant spring colors.
  • Mix up the artwork. Move the artwork around the house. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on new pieces, simply relocate the existing pieces from room to room. I have even changed the matting on my existing artwork (when possible) just to give them a new and fresh look.
  • I put out new decorations relative to the season. As spring approaches, I may put out a few seashells or a ceramic sand dollar or two. When I set up the room for the next season, I will just put out new small end table decorations relative to the season.

All of this room remaking takes less than an hour and costs less than a hundred dollars. The room looks bright, fresh, and completely different. While I would love to bring in a decorator to re-do the room, I cannot afford to do so. I am pleased with the end result and am sure; you too, will love your refreshed and renewed living room.

After read this article ,  you know how to decorate a small living room , so you can start decorating your room now .