3 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Dental Handpieces

Many dental tools are incredibly delicate. However, they also require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Here are three tips for cleaning and maintaining dental handpieces.

1. Use Appropriate Tools

Make sure you have tools and cleaning solutions that are designed and formulated for each of your tools. Some tools and cleaning agents are multi-purpose, while others can only be used on specific tools safely. For example, a dental handpiece lube spray may be useful for turbines as well as handpieces, but wouldn’t be appropriate to use on any part of an X-ray machine.

2. Train Employees in Cleaning and Safe Handling

Every employee should be trained in handling and cleaning your equipment safely. All dentists and dental hygienists should be able to assess equipment, including checking for issues and properly cleaning and sterilizing all equipment. All employees, including front desk staff and temporary employees, should understand basic healthcare workplace cleanliness and sterilization. If they have the proper credentials and training, these employees may also be cleared to clean and maintain dental equipment. You should also train one employee to manage the entire cleaning and sterilization process for all of your equipment, including process monitoring and cleaning schedule coordination.

3. Standardize Your Processes

Check the CDC’s guidelines regarding health and safety in dental care, as well as any other relevant organizations’ guidance. You can also benefit from auditing your processes, discussing improvements or changes with your staff and requesting feedback from your patients. Utilizing standardization tools such as schedules, tracking systems and monitoring and testing tools can help ensure standards of cleanliness, safety and care are followed and maintained.

You should always follow proper procedures regarding the cleaning and maintenance of your dental tools. There are national guidelines for cleanliness in dental offices, as well as guidelines for cleaning and maintaining various tools and equipment provided by the manufacturers.

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