5 Ideas to Take Your Coffee Shop to the Next Level

Occasionally, I write articles about coffee shops because my dad owns a cafe and I like to see him being passionate about this business. I frequently go to his cafe to exploit tips and tricks about opening or running a successful coffee shop. In this article I share 5 more exploited tips to maintain an one of kind cafe.

5 Ideas to Take Your Coffee Shop to the Next Level

1. Hire a freelance artist to create some artwork inside your shop or on the entrance.People want something to observe while drinking their coffee and a piece of art is a great choice. You can also surprise your buyers by letting the artist draw some artwork on the coffee shop entrance or on the windows.

2. Play the right music for your customers. This is pretty common sense. People want to be relaxed and enjoy their coffee and some good music can add a lot to the whole experience. You should have access to some type of demographics (business plan) so you know what music to play.

3. Offer treats (food), free drinks and other extras to customers who spend a lot in your coffee shop. Another common sense tip (but how many shop owners do it?). You want to reward those customers who are more loyal and spend a lot in your cafe. The best way is to reward them with some bonuses (e.g. snacks).

4. Offer free Wi-Fi access. This tends to become a trend and I believe you need to follow. Especially with the smartphone and tablet evolution, you need to give your customers free internet access so they stay connected with their online habits.

5. Provide the best training to your employees so as to provide the best customer service and a great experience to your coffee shop customers. You will need to instruct your employees to be helpful, have a good knowledge of the shop items etc. You can also organize training meetings and discuss certain issues.

So, there you go. Five important tips that any successful cafe owner (or future owner) should pay attention to. If you have a passion to open a new coffee shop or if you already own one, then you will need a powerful business plan to help you take your business to the next level, increase customer base and earnings etc.

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