Welcome You to Timesheet Portal Online Timesheets

Welcome You to Timesheet Portal Online Timesheets

Their Timesheet Software has been honed to capture employee work hours effectively, efficiently and without any fuss – no matter what the complexity of your company’s organisational needs. While their Timesheet Submission Service page gives you a bullet list of the features they offer so you can understand what you’re getting at-a-glance, this guide outlines the useful benefits that our streamlined timesheet platform provides:

  • Enter time in hours or days
  • Track numerical quantities in timesheets, e.g. items sold, or sales calls made
  • Create custom rates (e.g. overtime, night shift, etc)
  • Create rates based on days of week
  • Auto convert total hours per day to man-days worked
  • Enter notes in the timesheet for the work performed
  • Timeshees can be approved once or go through multiple approvals
  • Automatically split weekly timesheets into separate month timesheets
  • Emails sent when timesheets submitted/reviewed
  • Possible to submit by text message
  • Timesheet rules make it possible to ensure the correct hours are submitted by your employees
  • Full audit history of timesheets – dates of submission, approval, etc

Welcome You to Timesheet Portal Online Timesheets

Time Is Money. Save both

Capturing working time down to the last minute is essential because it has a major impact on the performance of companies or organisations of all types and sizes. It is essential for:

  • Billing on a consultancy basis.
  • Measuring the profitability and/or expenditure of projects.
  • Providing key information in order to make correct forecasts for future projects.
  • Monitoring employee productivity and absenteeism.

Business Success. See for yourself.

Their platform lets you concentrate on business success rather than spending your time chasing up timesheets – these are just some of the key features that will free you up to get on with more important tasks:

  • Automatic overtime calculation.
  • Audit history of timesheets.
  • Single or multiple approval protocol.
  • Over 50 report types available, including project budget reports and employee absenteeism reports.


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