Tips for Making a Smooth Move

It’s tough to trust someone with your precious “stuff,” but here are some tips on how to get the most out of a move. If you are researching local moving companies in st louis, be sure to ask plenty of questions.

Tips for Making a Smooth Move

Planning the Move

Some companies advertise free estimates, but they aren’t binding. Read the contract and make sure the amount you are quoted is a binding estimate that includes all extra fees, such as unpacking at your destination. Reputable moving companies will send someone to walk through your home and create an inventory of all of the items you are taking with you. The price is based on how much your load weighs, so make sure that everything you plan to take is included. Some local moving companies in st louis also offer to pack for you and often won’t cover damage if you packed your own belongings. If you are a very careful packer, doing it yourself can save you money.

On Moving Day

Be aware of extra fees for things like stairs and elevators, or narrow, winding streets where the company needs to use a smaller truck to shuttle your items to the moving van. Find out about all extras up front so there are no surprises when your belongings arrive. Do not under any circumstances sign a blank contract or a document with items missing. If Aunt Tessie’s dresser is not on the list, there will be nothing you can do if it fails to arrive at your new home.

At Your Destination

Check the inventory right away to make certain everything has been delivered and is in its original condition. Open the boxes right away, even if you do not plan to unpack immediately. You have limited time to file insurance claims for any damage that occurred during transit, so if you wait too long to check the contents, you might be sorry. Movers offer either more expensive, full replacement value insurance or a more economical alternate level of coverage.

Take the time to do your homework and your move can go smoothly.

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