Present Checks to Guests the Right Way

Professional waiters and waitresses know how to present a check to guests at the end of the meal without making those diners feel jarred or forced out of the restaurant. They know just when to sweep in and drop off the check and just when to grab the check and bring back the change without disrupting the meal. When you own a restaurant, you need to look at the different types of presenters you can buy for those checks.

Present Checks to Guests the Right Way

Basic Presenters

The owners of new restaurants often look for ways to keep costs low until they get more business, and basic presenters offer a simple way for those owners to save. Often made from vinyl that looks like leather, the presenters have clear pockets inside. Waiters place the bill for the meal in one pocket and the diner places his or her credit card or cash in the other. Some higher end designs feature padded interiors and multiple pockets that keep cards and cash from sliding out.

Premium and Deluxe Models

Once you have some more traffic in your restaurant, you might look for premium and deluxe check presenters. Often found in high end restaurants, these presenters have a more expensive and luxurious look that meshes with the design of the restaurant itself. Some designs have clear windows on the front that let you display a picture of your restaurant, and others feature soft and supple leather exteriors. Whether you opt for something affordable or high end, your presenters will let your waitstaff present checks to guests the right way.