5 Fun and Fascinating Jobs

Finding a profitable career that is also fun and exciting tends to be a challenge, but these five careers are an excellent start to always having something to talk about at a party. From automotive journalism to white hat hacking, there are plenty of career fields that allow for a great living that will never leave their members bored and dissatisfied.

5 Fun and Fascinating Jobs

1. Automotive Journalism: A fantastic field for excellent writers who also hold a degree in journalism, automotive journalists can put a whole new spin on being car lovers. Also allowing its members to connect closely with industry experts, automotive journalists have the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of every new car model intended to hit the sales floor in the next year.

2. Bourbon Master Tasting: Although becoming a bourbon master taster is certainly not the easiest or most common job, it is undoubtedly one of the coolest. Requiring an outstanding palate, an outgoing personality and a taste for the finer things in life, this career is not for everyone.

3. Music Marketer: While there are plenty of areas to go into as a marketer, music may be one of the most interesting. Though music marketing services may not exactly connect staffers with the up-and-coming personalities of the music world, it does allow them to become experts on the newest, hottest sounds coming out of clubs across the country.

4. Smokejumping: Those with a thrill-seeking mindset and a taste for outdoor adventure may find that becoming a smokejumper is the career for them. By parachuting to the origin point of a wildfire in hopes of keeping it small and contained, these heroes take the concept of being a first-responder to a whole new level.

5. White Hat Hacking: The information age has created all sorts of opportunities for cyber criminals to make average folks and their corporate counterparts miserable, but it has also fostered a host of new security careers. While white hat hackers may have started out on the dark side, their skills can be put to work against cyber attackers.

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