4 Reasons to Opt for Vacation Rentals Instead of Hotels

From visiting the historic lighthouse on Bodie Island to swimming, camping, fishing, or boating at Freeman Park, there are many things to see and do when visiting the North Carolina coast. You might first consider staying at a hotel as you plan your trip to any of the Tar Heel State’s coastal communities. But before you book anything, take a moment to consider the reasons why North Carolina coast rentals can be a welcome alternative to hotels.

4 Reasons to Opt for Vacation Rentals Instead of Hotels

1. More Breathing Room for Everyone

Forget about arguing over who gets to decide what to watch on TV or trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements. With a rental property, there’s more space for everyone to relax without being confined to a single room – and there’s usually more than one TV. Some rental homes even have full entertainment rooms along with spacious decks and patios.

2. Fully Equipped Kitchens

Dining in top-quality hotel restaurants or taking advantage of room service can be a nice treat for a while. However, if you’re planning a longer stay in North Carolina, you may appreciate the ability to actually do some of your own cooking. Aside from saving you money, fully equipped kitchens in rental homes make it easier to cook with fresh, local ingredients or just have a relaxing family meal in a more casual setting.

3. More Privacy and Tranquility

It’s not easy to truly get some alone time in a hotel where you are constantly running into other guests. While there’s nothing wrong with meeting and greeting new people, there’s something to be said for getting some peace and quiet while taking in a gorgeous view. Many North Carolina rental properties are nestled in quiet neighborhoods far away from busy highways and other distractions.

4. Furry Friends Are Often Welcome

It can be a challenge finding a hotel that allows guests to bring pets. Even those that do allow pets sometimes have restrictions. Plus, you’ll have to keep an eye on Fido to make sure he’s not bothering other guests. With a rental home, pets are usually permitted. And your pooch or feline friend will likely appreciate being able to roam more freely.

Another good thing about rental homes is the ability to feel like one of the locals. You’ll have many opportunities to mingle with residents in a way that’s not always possible in a hotel. And, who knows, you might even discover some hidden haunts and other local treasures at the same time. Just remember to secure your rental home as early as possible if you have a specific spot in mind along the beautiful North Carolina coastline.

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