Securing Reliable Transportation for a New Job

Applying for a new job is a relieving, stressful, and exciting whirlwind experience; especially when the primary interview results in a job offer! Securing reliable transportation before training is scheduled is incredibly important. Without reliable transportation, the brand new job could be at stake with a single missed shift. It is always wise to be prepared with a backup plan in case of mechanical problems in the future, as well.

Securing Reliable Transportation for a New Job

Public Transportation

Public transportation is a cost effective and reliable method of getting to work. Unfortunately, it is only widely available in places with dense populations, such as large towns or cities. In addition to being affordable, it also eliminates the maintenance costs of privately owned vehicles. For someone who is just entering the workforce, this is a great way to get to and from work.

Purchasing a Car

Buying a car is an incredible achievement for many working class citizens. It is highly exciting to be able to travel long distances without taking a bus, taxi, or requesting a ride from friends or family. There are even car loans for people with bad credit, making this exciting leap of independence attainable for anyone who can make timely car payments.


If there are fellow coworkers who live nearby, carpooling is another excellent option for getting to and from work. Offering coworkers money for gas and vehicle maintenance is a common practice, and it gives the coworker a wonderful reason to carpool; he or she will save money on gas, repairs, and general upkeep for the vehicle.

Walking, Skating, or Cycling

If the place of employment is a mile or less away, walking, cycling, or skating are all great ways to get to work. It is important that the workplace has an area to securely store skates or bicycles, though. Always be prepared for bad weather with an alternative mode of transportation; even if it is as simple as hailing a taxi. Keep cash on hand for stormy days, where torrential rains or dangerous wind and cold temperatures might make it impossible to get to work on foot.

Transportation is an important factor to take into consideration as a working citizen. It is wise to avoid accepting a job that requires an excessive commute, as it may be extremely hard to find transportation should a personal vehicle fail.

Securing Reliable Transportation for a New Job
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