Relaxing By The Pool

A pool in the backyard can be a relaxing attraction where you spend the warm afternoons of summer with family and friends. However, the pool has become more than just a simple rectangle concrete domain in the ground that is filled with water. There are numerous designs available and several amenities that you can add to the pool to make it your own, allowing you and others who swim to be as comfortable as possible.

Relaxing By The Pool

Privacy should be one of the things that you keep in mind when you install the pool. A hedge is a natural way to block off the pool from neighbors and those who are driving by the house. However, it does take some time for a hedge to grow to a suitable height unless you get bushes that have already been grown for this purpose or transfer hedges from one area of the yard to another. A fence is also an option, but it should have a gate that can’t be opened by young children. Companies that offer backyard pool designs in Jacksonville can give you ideas about fences and other safety or privacy features.

A beautiful design for a pool is stepping stones placed at the shallow end. Position the stones so that they are in different directions, making the pool look more like a creek or river than a pool in the backyard. You’ll be able to walk on the stones, which will make it feel like you’re walking on water while you’re getting in the pool. If you have trouble getting in and out of the pool, then install a bench in the water that runs around the perimeter of the pool. It should be installed so that it’s just underneath the surface of the water, giving you an easier way to sit on a ledge before getting out. It’s also a fun way to lounge in the water without being completely in the pool.

Furniture around the pool makes it easier to relax in the sun, entertain guests and enjoy watching others in the water if you don’t want to swim at the time. Wicker is a good option as it’s easy to clean and offers a bright look to the poolside area. Chaises are also an option if you want to stretch out at the pool.

Relaxing By The Pool
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