Keep Your Employees Safe and Protected

As an employer you need to understand that a dangerous situation is possible anywhere, including your place of business. Perpetrators can be complete strangers as well as someone you already know. Denying these facts puts you and your employees in danger.

Keep Your Employees Safe and Protected


You need to be aware yourself as well as teach others awareness. Perpetrators like to use the element of surprise. If you and your employees are paying close attention to suspicious or unusual behavior and confront it, you reduce the odds of being at risk. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or report strange circumstances. Be assertively polite when confronting those acting strangely.

Expert Advice

Law enforcement officials can give you valuable suggestions as well as offer courses when it comes to security. Choose someone that is known as an expert when it comes to safety in the work place. The safest course of action doesn’t always come naturally, but the experts can teach you how to handle hostile situations.

Have a Plan

Develop a plan that you can offer to all of your employees as to how they should handle a natural disaster or violent person. Include a written outline of the plan in your procedure manual. Going over the plan with a legal counselor first.

Practice Drills

To ensure your plan can be carried out efficiently, do a practice run. Have a drill every four to six months so that all the employees know what they should do and where they should go during specific situations.


Choose reliable employees to be leaders. They will help coordinate everyone and take on additional responsibilities during emergency situations. You can also offer basic self-defense courses which can potentially save a life.

Secure the building

A greeter at the entrance of your building can be your first line of defense. A security turnstile, such as those from Turnstile.US., can also be beneficial. It’s just one more way you can place additional security between your employees and the outside world.

Once you understand that the risk of a threat within your work place is a reality, you will be able to better protect your employees. By putting these few simple tactics into operation, everyone will feel much safer.

Keep Your Employees Safe and Protected
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