4 Ways to Better Your Sales Technique

Most prospective customers roll their eyes when approached by a salesperson. Why? Because so many salesmen go into their jobs unprepared to be genuine and trusted. The following advice will help you better you sales techniques, so all you get are smiles when you approach to assist a customer.

4 Ways to Better Your Sales Technique

Put Yourself in a Good Mood

In the words of Peter Pan, “think happy thoughts.” Put yourself in a genuinely good mood before beginning your sales day. This will help attract customers, because no one wants to talk to a grump. Have a good, healthy breakfast the fuel your energy, and dress professionally to perfect your air of approachable goodness. Your mood could literally make or break your sales goal for the day, so make it a good one. Breathe, smile, and try to make someone’s day a little better with your sales pitch.

Be Genuine and Honest in Your Approach

No customer wants to feel lied to. And salesmen already have a bad reputation because of entertainment media and negative experiences. Your job is to convince a customer of their buying decisions, while reassuring them that you are an honest and authentic person with heart. Learn more about the products that you sell to gain honest perspective, then develop a sales approach that reflects your own positive feelings. Remember that the integrity of your product and the happiness of your customers matter more than your commission.

Invest in Sales Materials to Better Your Tactics

There’s no shame in needing help, so seek out some sales materials, like online sales training courses, to help you build a better sales approach. These materials offer advice when it comes to developing a target audience and sticking with a genuine, honest voice. There are verbal exercises that you can cycle through on your own. Or, find a coworker that would love to improve their sales techniques, and work on the materials together.

Practice in the Mirror

Some of the best sales voices have been perfected in private before going public. This means practicing in the mirror to learn perfect your voice and genuine facial expressions. Consider this your time to practice new sales pitches. When you feel comfortable with what you’ve been saying in front of the mirror, ask a friend or loved one to be a stand-in for an actual customer. Practice your sales voice and pitches on friends, then ask for a genuine, honest review of your skills. Would they buy from you? Why or why not? Do they have any recommendations as prospective customers? Use their feedback to better your sales techniques.

The aforementioned 4 ways to improve your sales techniques are simple guidelines. You should pay attention to the way customers react to your sales methods, then adjust your methods to make them even better.

4 Ways to Better Your Sales Technique
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