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Drawing Blood

Considerations When Drawing Blood

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China's savings $100 billion

China’s savings $100 billion through low price of oil

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the richest

1% of the richest holds half property of the world

In 2009, this proportion was 44%. With the current pace, Oxfam predicts by 2016, the group owns over 50% of global assets. Results published report coincides World Economic Forum in ... Continue Reading →
forecast growth global

World Bank down forecast growth global

In the report Global Economic Prospects announced, the World Bank (WB) has lowered the growth forecast for the world, because the United States alone can not promote speed global recovery. Accordingly, ... Continue Reading →
Buying Into a Franchise

4 Tips for Buying Into a Franchise

Buying into a franchise is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of business. Here are just four tips for making the process as smooth and profitable as possible. 1. Stick ... Continue Reading →
Exam Rooms

Make Your Exam Rooms More Comfortable for Patients

Patients who feel more comfortable with their doctors are less likely to change doctors in the future. In addition to making your waiting room more inviting, you also need to take a ... Continue Reading →
How to make good event

How to make good event

Evaluating the success of an event goes beyond knowing how many people showed up and if they “looked like they were having a good time.” Businesses and organizations hold events ... Continue Reading →
Law Firm

Running an Efficient Law Firm

Despite the best efforts of law firm personnel to get medical records of clients, there are hospitals and doctors who try to keep medical records unrightfully from law firms who are ... Continue Reading →
Title Loans

Benefits of Using Title Loans

What are the Benefits of Using Title Loans Unexpected financial situations happen, often leaving you scrambling for a way to get the hands on the money you need to address it. Getting ... Continue Reading →
China buy more gold

China buy more gold , challenges US dollar

Experts often see gold as protective barriers against economic instability. Meanwhile, many people assert that gold is no better than a stone can not be profitable. After nearly 20 ... Continue Reading →