Why Should You Hire An Asbestos Removal Team

Although asbestos do not cause negative effects when left intact, it may provide various detrimental health consequences when they are broken down or destroyed. If you are planning to renovate your house or any structure that you suspect to contain asbestos, you should think carefully . It is best to hire a professional asbestos removal team who are trained to do the job without risking their health and the health of the home owners.

Why Should You Hire An Asbestos Removal Team

Asbestos is a material occurring in the natural environment which was very useful for roofing, fencing, flooring and many others. It was only during the year 1987 when the use of the material was discouraged by health experts due to its health effects. According to health care professionals, the destruction of materials with asbestos leads to the release of fibers which can be inhaled by humans. Frequent exposure to these fibers can lead to disorders such as pleural plaque and mesothelioma. These disorders are very common among builders and construction workers who are exposed with asbestos. Asbestosis, which is characterized by chest pain and shortness of breath, is also a direct result of asbestosis fiber exposure. Recent studies have also shown that asbestos can increase the risk of developing different types of cancer such as lung cancer.

If you are not sure of the presence of asbestos in your house, it is best to contact a professional who can determine its presence through microscopic examinations and careful visual examination. You cannot determine the presence of asbestos simply by using your senses. To be safe, you must call a professional if your house was built earlier before the use of asbestos was regulated in the year 1987.

Some buildings and houses are also built with cement products containing asbestos fibers. If the cement is not broken down, these materials are safe for people . Renovating buildings and houses made of cement with asbestos should also be done by a professional asbestos removal team.

Before renovating a house or a building suspected to contain asbestos, certain regulatory methods must be done. You may be required to have a license from regulatory agencies of the government.

When removing asbestos, the material must first be wet. The purpose of this is to prevent the dry fiber from being released. The asbestos removal team will be wearing appropriate protective equipment. The removal will be done without the use of power tools or those materials which may cause massive destruction of the asbestos. The removed material will then be disposed off in the appropriate landfill. Not all landfills accept asbestos wastes. Special landfills are licensed by the government as disposal sites for asbestos materials.

It is very important to follow the laws on asbestos regulation. You can contact the government agencies concerned with these issues for further information. You can also visit their websites to know about their contact details. You should not risk your health when renovating your house suspected to have asbestos. Call for assistance from expert individuals and the asbestos removal team.