Why Identifying Aquatic Plants Matters

If your property has a lake or pond, there is no doubt plant life present. Of all the different types of plant identification that are necessary, pond algae identification is one of the most important. Emergent, floating and submerged are also plant types you may need to identify.

Why Identifying Aquatic Plants Matters


Most ponds or lakes will have some form of algae present. Algae differ from other plant types by its lack of conducting or supporting tissues that provide a real structure. One thing that stands out most about algae is the red, brown or green cast that it gives water.


Emergent plants are not genuinely aquatic but can survive on the water’s surface or in the saturated soil for longer than other plants. They’re very common on the banks of ponds, lakes and other bodies of water. Some of these plants also produce colorful flowers.


Floating plants can fall into two categories: those that have sendiment roots and those that float entirely on the water’s surface. Many of these species also have flowers. The flowering species attract insects and birds that serve as natural pollinators.


Submerged plants stand out because they exist completely under the water’s surface, with roots in the sendiment. Some species have flowers that reach above the water’s surface. Many of these species include exotic plants.

Problem Plants

Many exotic and non-native species grow abundantly with the right climate conditions. Some of these exotic species can become weeds when they spread very prolifically. These problem plants can crowd out other native species, creating an environmental problem.

Native Plant Issues

Native plants can also become an issue when they regularly grow out of bounds. Certain plants that can take root on land adjacent to lakes or ponds can grow into areas where they are unwelcome. Regardless of a plant’s origins, identification is key to rooting out problems.

When you can identify plants on your property, you will have a better idea of how to combat any problems that may arise. If you have aquatic plants that have gotten out of control, the right tools will help you regain your pond or lake’s look.

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