When you should Patch a Driveway

When people think of home maintenance, what usually comes to mind are things such as mowing the lawn, repairing a roof, or weeding the garden. Taking care of an asphalt driveway usually isn’t a high priority. As long as they can safely drive or park on their driveways, they don’t give much of a thought about how it looks. This is unfortunate, because an asphalt driveway requires maintenance just like the rest of a person’s property.

In extreme cases, maintaining an asphalt driveway could mean repaving or replacing the surface altogether, but most of the time you can get away with simply patching your driveway. You just need to know when it’s time to take care of that job.

When you should Patch a Driveway

Knowing When to Patch a Driveway

Fluctuating temperature, severe weather, and normal wear-and-tear can do a number on your driveway. Even if your driveway is in relatively good shape, you might still notice some cracks and divots if you look closely enough. These imperfections may seem minor, but they can get worse if they aren’t addressed quickly.

If you notice that you have cracks, divots, holes, or other signs of minor damage that are less than a quarter of an inch wide, you can easily get away with repatching your driveway. This is normally done with a liquid refilling agent, some of which can be found at your local hardware store. You will need to make sure that you’ve bought the right material and that you know how to apply it, so don’t hesitate to contact a contractor who specializes in asphalt repair if you aren’t completely sure that you know what you’re doing. In any case, even a relatively small patch job will improve the look of your driveway and help to protect the underlying structure from damage.

Asphalt Patching Pittsburgh PA

If you own a home in Pittsburgh, PA or the surrounding area and your asphalt driveway has seen better days, there are contractors near you who can patch it for you at an affordable rate. As we said before, it’s best to take care of any small cracks while they are still small. Waiting too long will require you to repave your driveway, which is a much longer and more expensive process. Contact an asphalt repair specialist near you today for more information.

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