What to Know About Commercial Cleaning

There are many factors to consider when looking for a commercial cleaning company. Keep in mind that not all business needs are the same and neither are the companies that do commercial cleaning. These tips can help you find a company suitable for your specific needs.

What to Know About Commercial Cleaning


All businesses benefit from general cleaning such as bathrooms, sweeping, dusting and vacuuming. Look for a commercial cleaning Los Angeles CA company that handles standard cleaning in addition to anything extra you may need. You don’t want to hire two companies to do general cleaning and specialty services. General janitorial services are standard across any industry with an office space.


Some cleaning companies specialize in office spaces while others handle retail spaces and still others industrial companies. You need a company experienced in your type of business space to have the best results. Look at how they met the client’s expectations, their employee productivity and experience in your industry before choosing a company.


If you operate a medical clinic, you need a company that works in the medical field. The same goes for construction. These specialty businesses are not serviced by every cleaning company. Medical businesses have specific disinfection requirements many other businesses may not need. Construction businesses clean their sites during, before and after construction finishes requiring a specialist who understands the industry. Avoid going with a generalist company if you operate a business with specific cleaning expertise.


Once you find a company experienced in your industry, check out their references and reviews. Choose one that fits your availability schedule and budget. These companies should be able to handle the daily cleaning needs of the office along with any other special cleaning needed. Make sure they have the licensing and insurance to operate their business. You want your business and employees kept safe. The janitorial company should value the same things you do.

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