What should you do when you make a website ?

It can be a very hectic period when you are getting your site up and running. You may feel like things are moving very fast. It is during times like these that crucial details can be easily overlooked. That is why it is so important to slow down and take a look at all of the things that you will need to accomplish before your site will be ready to use by the masses. It is always better to be patient instead of accidentally going live with a bunch of glitches on your site. Making such a mistake would be an epic catastrophe for your online business. Here are some of the things online business owners need to do.

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1. Hire a qualified web designer

You might be wondering how to tell the excellent web designers from the people who have no clue what they are doing. Basically, there are a few ways you can differentiate the pros from the hacks. First of all, you need to find out how long the web designer has been working in that field. You should not hire any person who has only one year or less of web designing experience. These people do not have the necessary skills to ensure that your site is designed correctly. Your online business is much too important to your livelihood to put its design into the hands of an inexperienced person. Many of these novice web designers attract new customers by charging fees far below what more experienced people in their field will charge. You should not be fooled by this. You would be much better off paying more for your website design to make sure it is done right the first time. You can also tell the good web designers from the bad ones by looking at sites they have previously designed.

2. Register a domain name

Obviously, your site will not be able to go online until you have taken care of your domain name registration. This is something that is not difficult to do. However, great care must be given to choosing a domain name. You should always go for a name that is simple and easy for people to remember. You may find that some of your favorite ideas for a domain name are already taken. Do not get frustrated. Contact a domain name registrar to find out which names are available. You might want to contact the owner of an existing domain name and offer to buy it if you are very passionate about having it for your own site.

3. Create a marketing strategy

You will need to determine exactly how you are going to go about promoting your site to the general public. Ideally, this process should begin several months before your site will be going live. This is not something that you want to worry about when your site launches. You will be extremely busy. Decide if you will be using an email campaign, social media, SEO or all of these marketing methods.

What should you do when you make a website ?
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