Waste Compactors That Make a Positive Business Impact

Complete waste management for a company involves making sure that there is adequate trash collection receptacles, while maintaining a reasonable budget. Each trash pick-up costs money. Reducing what gets thrown in the containers for waste collection is one way to trim the budget. Adding compactor abilities is another sound method that positively impacts a business. Below are a few of the compactors and balers available for commercial use.

Waste Compactors That Make a Positive Business Impact


Money budgeted for commercial garbage removal can be a large expense, especially for the food and hospitality industries. Finding ways to save money without compromising quality of service is important. Adding a garbage compactor is a safe environmentally friendly way to bring real savings to the table. A garbage compactor will allow you to store 10 times the amount of garbage before being hauled away. This means you will be making far less calls for disposal pick-ups. They can be strategically placed for convenience, even located within a working commercial kitchen. This places better waste management options in your hands.

Plastic and Cardboard Balers

Recycling plastic and cardboard are a popular way to show support for taking care of the environment. There are compactors available that can bale both plastics and cardboard products. You can bin store one as you bale the other. Once that bale is complete, switch to the other. This is a convenient space-saving way to feel good about reducing the demand at the landfills.

Polystyrene Compactors

Keeping a coffee hot, carbonated beverage cold and food preserved is made easier through the use of containers made of polystyrene materials. It is also a popular source of packing materials for shipping goods. The problem with this material is that it never breaks down at the landfill. Once it is put in the ground, that is the way it will appear 100, or even 1,000 years from today. The good news is that it is a material that can be recycled. There are compactors readily available that will heat and compact this waste to a sizable chunk that can be picked up and used to make other plastic products.

Can Compactors

Tin, aluminum and steel cans are fully recyclable and can be compacted in much the same method as cardboard, or plastic. Metal recycling centers will pick up the resulting supply you have and you are saving the environment from the harsh chore of digging up new metal resources.
Call on or visit the website of professional waste management specialists like Miltek and find out how compactors and balers will reduce costs and improve your ability to recycle today!

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