Unique Ways to Advertise Your Boutique Hotel

Major hotel chains spend millions of dollars every year to reach out to travelers and make those travelers stay with them. As the owner of a boutique hotel, you probably have a fraction of the budget that those big companies have. That doesn’t mean that you cannot effectively advertise your hotel though and get more guests to stay with you. While some advertising methods let you reach travelers looking at destinations online, others help you reach those travelers living right in your own backyard and in the surrounding communities.

Unique Ways to Advertise Your Boutique Hotel

Hold Online Promotions

A great way to reach out to potential travelers is with an online promotion. Offer a contest that awards one guest with a free weekend trip to your hotel. Advertise the contest online on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Ask that entrants like your Facebook post, comment on that post and share it with others to enter. Even if only a handful of users share that post, you’ll reach more people than you ever did before. You might add some extra features to appeal to more travelers too like a meal in a local restaurant or tickets to an amusement park.

Partner With Local Companies

Partnering with local companies helps you reach travelers who live nearby and those passing through town. You might exchange advertising materials with a local museum or restaurant. That business puts out brochures for your hotel in exchange for you putting their name inside or on your custom hotel key card holders. You can help each other with discounts as well. Reward your guests with a coupon for a discount off their next meal. The restaurant will hand out coupons to diners that let them save a percentage off after presenting that coupon when booking a night at your hotel.

Become a Local Expert

Becoming a local expert can also make your boutique hotel more appealing to travelers. Keep an eye on upcoming events, check out local attractions and even dine in restaurants near your hotel. Create separate pages on your hotel’s website that feature information and photographs of all those attractions. Travelers searching for similar info online may find your site, see the images of your hotel and decide to stay there instead of at a major chain. Make your boutique hotel one of the hottest places to stay with online promotions, local content and partnerships with other companies.

Unique Ways to Advertise Your Boutique Hotel
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