Types Of Visas

There are many reasons why people would wish to visit the United States. To do this, they need to apply for a visa to express their reason for being there. While there are many different types, here are the four main visas to this country.

Types Of Visas

Work Visas

One type of application is business or employment visa, which includes investor visas houston tx. While people who want to work in this country can apply to do so, it is more difficult to obtain. Governments would rather see their own work these positions if they are qualified. However, if you plan to open your own business or invest in one, you might have a better chance of getting this visa.

Naturalization Visa

Another form is the immigration visa, an application meant for those who want to become citizens or the “green card” as it is more well known. This is the first step towards citizenship, allowing you to live and work here legally. You will have to renew this type of visa for five years until you can apply for naturalization.

Student Visa

Students who wish to study in another country need to apply to do so. Many study abroad programs can help with this. The student can stay for the few weeks of the program or they can live in the country for over a year depending on the length of the course.

Tourist Visa

If you ever wanted to travel the world, this final visa is the one you need to get. Those who wish to travel in and out of the country will need this. They typically last only a couple of months, allowing you to have time to enjoy yourself. You will want to research what requirements each country has for you to visit and how long you can stay.

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