Tips to Prevent Your Workers Comp Claim from Being Denied

If you have been injured while at work, you might be hoping that your employer’s workers compensation insurance coverage will help cover all of your accident-related expenses. If you’re worried about your claim being denied, then you might be wondering if there is anything that you can do to help avoid any problems. Luckily, following these tips can help you prevent your workers comp claim from being denied.

Tips to Prevent Your Workers Comp Claim from Being Denied

Report Your Injury as Soon as Possible

It’s not a good idea to wait to see if your injury is going to get worse before reporting your workplace injury, although some people do this. Also, don’t let being afraid of retaliation or other issues from your employer get in the way of reporting the incident as soon as you can. Instead, make sure that you report your injury as soon as you can to help prevent any problems and to help get the ball rolling with your workers compensation claim as soon as possible.

Follow the Instructions from Your Doctor

When you are in the midst of dealing with your workplace injury, your doctor might have a lot of recommendations for you. He or she might recommend that you see a specialist for further treatment, for example, or he or she might want to see you regularly to keep an eye on your progress as you’re healing. Your doctor might have other recommendations for you, too. He or she might tell you to refrain from doing certain physical activities or going back to work before you are cleared to do so. Make sure that you abide by all of the things that your doctor tells you. This will help you with the healing process and will also help prevent you from having any problems when you file your claim.

Work with a Lawyer

Even though a lot of workers handle their own workers compensation claims without having attorneys to help them, hiring a workers compensation attorney Oregon is more beneficial than you might think. Working with one of these legal professionals will help you prevent your case from being denied. Following the right steps will help you prevent problems with your workers compensation case. Follow the steps above if you’d like to maximize the chance of getting your claim handled without having a lot of problems along the way.

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