Tips for a Wedding on the Beach in Hawaii

Lots of people dream of having a destination wedding in Hawaii. Even more fantasize about a wedding on the beach. If you choose to go this route, you should keep a few things in mind during the planning stages.

Tips for a Wedding on the Beach in Hawaii

Appropriate Attire

You’re not going to want to wear a hot and heavy wedding dress or suit on the beach. Remember to keep it light and airy. It wouldn’t hurt to wear something you don’t mind getting salty or wet, either. Linen is usually a good choice for coastal areas, and it looks classy, too. Remember to tell your guests to wear beach attire, so they aren’t uncomfortable, either.

Venue Set-Up

Since your venue is the open air and sea, all you really need is a place to seat your guests. You should look into table and chair rentals oahu. Some companies even provide set up and take down service. A bower or archway could be nice to trade your vows under. You won’t want to arrange too many decorations, they might blow away if it gets too breezy. The only decoration you need is the view.


You and your guests will probably be a little sandy from the ceremony, so why not keep the reception beachside, as well? Try to find somewhere that’s close to a beach bar. After tying the knot everyone can stroll over to the food and fun. You can watch the sunset over the water and spend the night making merry next to the waves. That might make the catering situation easier, too, if you stick to the bar food menu.

A beach wedding in Hawaii can be a blast for everyone at the event. If you fully embrace the constraints of a coastal venue, the whole things will go off without a hitch. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to wedding traditions.

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