The Diner’s Guide to Eating in Texas

Texas is a large state that has plenty offer local diners, vacationers and those who are simply passing through. From steak and seafood to regional fare, finding delicious and unforgettable food in Texas is never a problem.

The Diners Guide to Eating in Texas

Famous Steakhouses in Texas

The most well-known steakhouse in the State of Texas may be the in Amarillo; largely a tourist destination, this is the steakhouse that hosts the 72-ounce steak challenge that so many have attempted over the span of its existence. Of course, the gift shop, tribute bands and a kitschy atmosphere also add to its charm.

Diners looking for an upscale steakhouse may not want to miss out on the exquisite food and excellent service at Perini Ranch Steakhouse. Located in a converted hay barn in Buffelo Gap, TX, Perini Ranch offers incredible, acclaimed food in a space with a unique ambiance.

Great Seafood Restaurants in Texas

Texas residents and visitors looking for a taste of the ocean in a setting perfect for fine dining will enjoy Eddie V’s Prime Seafood. Providing guests with a lovely cocktail lounge and live jazz, this establishment is about more than just the food.

Those searching for Plano TX seafood restaurants may enjoy The Boiling Pots. Touted as both good and messy, this dining spot offers southern-style seafood in a low-key atmosphere. Additionally, diners will find a kids’ menu and a nice selection of beers and wines, making it perfect for families.

Regional Favorites in Texas

Hugo’s, a Mexican restaurant in Houston, takes an original approach to creating delicious, south-of-the-border cuisine. Named after the head chef, Hugo’s offers gluten-free menu items as well as a fantastic Sunday brunch that keeps many diners coming back for more.

Regional food enthusiasts visiting Texas will not want to miss the great flavors at Taste Woods BBQ in Wharton. With popular items like ribs, chicken and brisket flying out to customers in a comfortable atmosphere, a food tour of Texas would be incomplete without a restaurant like Taste Woods BBQ.

Experience the Tastes of Texas

While there are plenty of interesting things to do throughout the State of Texas, those who truly love the food, ambiance and service that come with eating at excellent restaurants will love exploring the find eateries throughout many Texas cities. Taking a big taste of Texas makes for a fine vacation that will delight the family.

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