The Best Ways to Openly Store Big Bath Towels

Big bath towels can take up a tremendous amount of shelf space in a linen closet or a bathroom cabinet, but they are necessary items. Some families use them more than once and hang them to dry in between uses, while others toss them into the wash each and every time. Either way, they must be kept in an accessible location. Instead of using up a valuable storage area, openly store them in the bathroom. Use one or more of these stylish space-saving ideas, and reserve cabinets and closets for holding linens and more.

The Best Ways to Openly Store Big Bath Towels

Store Rolled Towels in Vertically Mounted Baskets

Baskets are perfect for storing big bath towels, and they do not have to take up floor space. They do not have to take up counter space either. Attach the baskets to a wall. Drywall screws and anchors of the appropriate size will hold the bottoms securely in place. What was the side of the basket will serve as a shelf. They do not have to be very deep if the towels are properly folded and rolled. They will be easy to tuck away, and if they coordinate with bathroom colors, they will become a valuable part of the decorating scheme.

Add a Cube-Style Wine Bottle Rack

Towel racks are available in popular home decorating stores, but specialty organizers are not necessary. An inexpensive cube-style wine bottle rack will work just as well to hold big bath sheets. Attach it to a wall for safety and stability, and instead of adding wine bottles, add tightly rolled towels. Apply peel-and-stick decals to the sides for a unique designer touch. For something even more eye-catching, attach flat glass pebbles to the front edges of the rack.

Use a Decorative Urn to Hold Big Bath Towels

If you would prefer something more elegant and have plenty of extra floor space, consider using at least one big urn to hold extra bath sheets. Keep in mind that it must have a large enough opening to accommodate at least four or five tightly rolled towels. Place one at each end of the bathtub or shower, or position a single urn in an otherwise empty corner. Large urns work exceptionally well for decorative storage purposes, and they are a unique alternative to shelves and cabinetry.

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