The Benefits of PRP

What Is PRP?

In the cosmetic industry, innovations are being made every day in the fight against aging and all of its unpleasant side effects. For many, one of the side effects of aging is the loss of their hair or developing stubborn wrinkles. Those who have lost or seen a reduction in their hair may especially be feeling self-conscious about their age. Luckily, there has been a treatment that has shown a positive effect on the regrowth of hair that is slowly gaining popularity among the masses. It’s called PRP.

The Benefits of PRP

PRP treatment or a platelet rich plasma treatment, involves the use of your own blood and the rich plasma and platelets within it to stimulate hair growth in target areas. Plasma is rich with nutrients and minerals that can kickstart a certain area into performing efficiently. Platelets, too, have powerful blood cells that are experts at healing. They can heal damaged areas, such as those where hair is no longer growing, and help them restore themselves.

Besides just growing your hair back, PRP has a few other benefits for those interested in the treatment, too.

Other Benefits

Perhaps most popularly used among the celebrity elite, PRP is used as a form of facial. The nutrient-rich plasma and healing factor of platelets work together on the skin of the face to smooth out wrinkles and rejuvenate skin. Many celebrities attest to the treatment and comment on their glowing and youthful skin after their treatments are completed. So, if you happen to have wrinkles or other skin blemishes, PRP may just be a treatment for you to consider.

Patients who suffer from arthritis have also started using the treatment to deal with the inflammation that often causes them pain. While there is still research being done to determine PRP’s effects for arthritis, many patients have reported feeling their pain reduced after treatment. Clearly, PRP is a powerful tool that you can benefit from. Schedule an appointment with Hans Wiemann to benefit now.

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