The Auto Insurance Claim Process

During the auto insurance claim process, an insurer takes various steps so that a consumer can resolve costly automotive problems in a timely manner whenever issues occurs. Vital information is needed throughout the early stage; this data helps the agents calculate proper estimates. Once all paperwork has been filed, the insurer provides documents that benefit a driver financially throughout a repair project.

The Auto Insurance Claim Process

The Early Phase

Before an insurer will provide coverage, key information must be shared. In order to get the best package that suits your needs, you should ask questions about the deductible and rental reimbursement coverage. When picking a deductible, there will be a few general options for comprehensive and collision. You must fully understand the amount of each deductible for the package that you’re considering, as it will determine how much you’ll have to pay on repairs before the insurance company releases funds.

Rental reimbursement coverage is worth considering because this policy can provide big benefits during lengthy repair situations. Basically, when this coverage is included, an insurer will cover a generous portion of the rental costs.


After an automotive accident happens, an insurance adjuster implements procedures to investigate. The goal is to determine who caused the accident so that a proper amount for the damages can be calculated. All insurance agencies have different estimate polices, so you may have to go to a specific inspection location in order to obtain information about the projected repair costs.

Repair Process

During the repair phase, they’re aren’t any strict rules, so a driver can usually visit a variety of repair shops before making an appointment for automotive services. If needed, the staff at a repair shop will use OEM components to tackle repairs to help consumers save money because these parts are less expensive than after-market supplies.

The steps that are taken after the repairs are complete vary. In most cases, an insurance company may pay the staff at a repair business directly. However, during some situations, an insurer may let the driver pay the bill and will provide the funds after everything has been processed.

Although there are various phases of the auto insurance process, each stage has a purpose. If you understand the procedures are implemented by captive insurance agents, you can tackle everything quickly and prevent major delays.

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