The Art of Plastic Fabrication

When you need plastic products or other plastic welding services, you may not know all of the work that goes into it. The more that you understand the processes, the more it becomes clear why you may need a professional, well-reviewed company to handle your needs.

Whether you need high quality plating tanks or tank covers, a fabrication company can help you in a number of different ways. Here is what you should know about plastic fabrication.

The Art of Plastic Fabrication


When it comes to plastic fabrication, experts use the latest technologies and education to manufacture plastics. Blending is also known as compounding. It is a type of fabrication where the fabricators will combine plastics together into an amalgam. They will mix molten plastics and then use a mold to form them. Normally, blending helps improve the ease of processing the material. They can create a unique material that serves a specific function. The common types of plastics that fabricators create are:

  • Base resins
  • Blowing agents
  • Flame-retardants
  • Purge compounds
  • Pigment master batches

Blending or compounding provides with the ability to make several different types of materials.


Welding of plastics involves heating up the two or more pieces. Fabricators use this product when handling thermoplastics. They fuse individual pieces and have a filler material between them. You can accomplish welding through vibration, spinning, hot gas emissions or contact welding.


In plastic lamination, fabricators create a barrier along the surface of another material. They use this process to enhance the style and durability of the product. In addition, it helps work as a shield for sensitive material and helps reduce your need for maintenance. The lamination process helps form a plastic barrier on the product’s exterior. Resin lamination, on the other hand, creates an adhesive layer.

The more that you know about plastic services, it’s crucial to know the amount of work that goes into the process. A quality company will understand the ins and outs of the processes and be able to dictate them to you.

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