Preventative Outdoor Measures to Limit Ticks

Ticks can cause serious health issues to you, your family and pets. You don’t have to be outside in a densely wooded area to be threatened by a tick. They could be hiding in your lawn. They can hitch a ride on your clothing or be tracked in with your pet. There are simple ways to protect you and your family from ticks and their associated health issues.

Preventative Outdoor Measures to Limit Ticks

Lawn Care
It’s important to keep your lawn mowed to a reasonable height. An overgrown lawn can harbor both fleas and ticks. You should aim to mow the grass at least once a week. Refrain from overwatering the lawn and other landscaped parts of the yard since ticks like extremely moist areas. Ticks also like areas which are shaded. Trees and bushes should be trimmed to minimize shady areas in the yard.

Yard Maintenance
Your yard should remain free of environments that could harbor ticks and their eggs. Piles of construction debris and heaps of gardening items have to be removed since these are perfect breeding grounds for ticks. Make sure that piles of grass clippings or leaves are removed immediately to lessen the attraction for ticks.

Protect from Invaders
Squirrels, rabbits and raccoons can carry ticks into your yard. Limit the appeal of your yard. Make sure garbage cans are covered. Don’t leave birdseed out since it’ll attract squirrels. Once you’ve made sure your yard is unappealing to animals, establish a perimeter with a pesticide to keep ticks from entering. A company like Mosquito Squad will provide the best pesticide to protect your yard from ticks.

Pet Play Areas
Ticks will often migrate to an area when your pet likes to play. If there’s a place that your pet will hide, rest or nap, that will be the spot most likely to have ticks. Clean the pet’s play area thoroughly. Resting and hiding places like under porches or small nooks near buildings and shrubs will harbor ticks. Don’t forget kennels and other areas. Keep these areas clean and use a tick treatment occasionally with something that won’t harm your pets.

Ticks can create serious health issues for people in your home and your pets. While you might think you’re safe in your own backyard, without these preventative measures, you aren’t safe at all. Keep your yard free of debris and appealing items for wildlife. Set up a barrier of pesticide to truly keep your yard free of ticks.