Is it Time for New Windows?

Industry standards indicate that windows should be replaced on average around every 25 years.  However, that number can change depending on several factors.

According to an article from Home and Garden Television (HGTV), there are ten signs that it is time to replace your windows in your home.

Some of the signs and considerations mentioned by HGTV include:

  1. drafts;
  2. energy savings;
  3. single pane windows;
  4. condensation;
  5. poor window operation;
  6. moisture build-up;
  7. outside noise;
  8. damage you can see;
  9. decaying frames; and
  10. curb appeal.

These are all great reasons to consider window replacement, but let’s dive a bit deeper. Remember, if you are sitting near the window in the evening and need a blanket, there may also be a draft you can’t feel.  When drafts are mentioned, that includes drafts headed in the opposite direction, letting heat escape from your house.

Single-pane windows are mainly only found in older homes, but this is a valid consideration and definitely something to be aware of.  Replacing single-pane windows is especially important to improve energy savings and dampen outside noise.

Reduction to outside noise may be one of the biggest advantages to consider for people who are sensitive to sound. In our busy lives, quiet is at a premium. New windows may not completely eliminate noise but reducing unwanted noise can be considered priceless.

In addition to the ten signs above, there are further considerations:

Putting off replacing your window replacement for a couple of years can seem to be a good idea, but, if the windows are in bad shape and allow moisture to get in, much more expensive problems can arise.

Newer windows tend to have more advanced security features.

It isn’t just the function of a window that is important when deciding whether or not to replace your windows but the role that a window can play in working to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.  Choosing the right type of window for your home is a major consideration. Amerimax Windows Denver provides detailed descriptions of the different types of windows available and the advantages of each.  Reaching out to a professional for advice can be a valuable tool in deciding when it is time to move ahead with window replacement.

The modern trend in architecture is to use windows as an important element of interior design.  Upgrading and improving not just the exterior, but also the interior of your space.  The article 10 Ways Window Design can Influence your Interior explains how every room in your home can benefit from beautiful windows.

Windows may not be the first thing we think of when choosing a renovation project. However, there are few parts of your home that can simultaneously have an impact in both a functional and aesthetic sense. Finding that perfect window for a space that lets in the right amount of light and air can elevate your home’s environment to the next level.

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