How to transform the office and increase your productivity

Offices often become disorganized over time due to the number of papers and tools that accumulate throughout the space. Due to a busy work schedule, it can be challenging to keep the office tidy and find what you need when you’re in a rush. To ensure that you transform the office and increase your productivity, there are a few important tips to follow to stay organized.

How to transform the office and increase your productivity

Make Digital Copies

Create more space in your office by eliminating the amount of documents and paperwork that are present. You can scan the documents and back them up onto a computer and hard drive to have access to the information. The documents can also be stored on a cloud to make it easy to access by other employees or in remote areas. Shred the paperwork to protect the information and reduce the amount of clutter that is present.

Use Compartments for Office Supplies

Avoid junk drawers from developing by using compartments to store staples, paper clips, and postcards that are needed throughout the day. Group like items together to ensure that everything is visible and can be found when you’re creating reports or are mailing documents.

Create an Inbox Area

Use a two-tier stackable letter tray where you can store mail and paperwork that arrive during the week. The inbox area is an ideal area to place your incoming papers that need attention in the next week. This will make it easy to prevent papers from becoming scattered across the desk to create a tidy place to work.

Use Vertical Filing Cabinets

Purchase vertical filing cabinets to store important documents that are organized and can be located quickly. Office supply Portland stores offer vertical filing cabinets that can make it easy to keep hundreds of records and documents in one place for an efficient way of staying organized. The vertical cabinets free up extra space on the floor and are ideal to use in compact offices.

Use a Wipe-Off Board

Wipe-off boards are an effective tool to use for reminders and notes that need to be jotted down throughout the day. The wipe-off board will prevent clutter from developing on the desk with sticky notes that can easily get lost on the desk.

The organization of the office can create an efficient workplace that is easy to navigate. With the right tools and products used, you can increase your professionalism and productivity each day.

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