How to Sell Broken Laptops

Laptops have made the lives of people quite easy as they are portable computers that can be taken anywhere. Gone are the days where people had to be stuck to a table because they couldn’t take the desktop PCs anywhere. With a laptop, they can do their work on the go and save themselves a lot of time and hassle. However, eventually, a laptop will break despite all the care and have no use for people. This doesn’t mean that they simply throw it away. People can sell broken laptops and get their hands on some quick cash if they want. When your laptop is broken and damaged beyond repair, there are some steps that you can take for getting some money off it.

How to Sell Broken Laptops

Here are some options that people can consider:

Selling Parts:

You can choose to sell the different parts of the laptop individually to get some money. Do-it-yourself users, computer technicians and repair shops are willing to buy parts of laptops that they may need for fitting into others. People will not be able to recover the total cost, but will make a decent amount of money. Follow these steps when you choose this option:

  • 1- Remove all the parts of the laptop after disassembling it. While there may be a specific disassembly process for each laptop, generally individuals have to remove all the screws from the bottom and pull the cards and drives out.
  • 2- A flat-head screwdriver can be used for removing the keyboard bevel. The cable that connects the motherboard and keyboard should be removed. The motherboard and rest of the parts of the keyboard can be separated by removing the other screws.
  • 3- The broken pieces should be separated from the parts that can be sold.
  • 4- A list of the remaining parts should be made. Optical drive, display, hard drive, network cards and removable graphic cards are some that can be sold.
  • 5- People can either sell these parts online or take them to a laptop repair shop and see if they are interested.

Sell Broken Laptops:

While parts of the broken laptop have individual value, it is also possible for people to sell the entire laptop together. There are computer hobbyists and used computer dealers who are more than willing to pay people for a broken laptop. In this option, the below mentioned steps should be followed:

  • 1- Make a note of exactly what’s malfunctioning or what the problem with the laptop is as this will have to be communicated to the prospective buyers.
  • 2- The broken laptop should also be cleaned up. This may seem a bit unimportant, but it will make the laptop more enticing to prospective buyers.
  • 3- The laptop can be sold online on different websites like Amazon and ebay or people can also directly contact local dealers in their area and ask them if they are interested. Advertisements can also be placed in local newspaper for this purpose.
  • 4-If people want to sell broken laptops and have exhausted other options, they can choose to pawn it for getting some money.

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