Getting Your Child Involved

If your little one is showing interest in doing activities with other kids, have you considered signing them up for a club? There are plenty of things for kids to do in every age group, from volunteering as a scout to learning to play an instrument in an orchestra. Play to your child’s interests and get them involved in something that could become a passion for them later on.

Getting Your Child Involved

Girl and Boy Scouts of America

These organizations have been around since the early 1900s and promote community service and strong friendships in young boys and girls. Each club has its own motto and set of core values, but the end goal is the same: To instill confidence and a sense of union in our children.

  • Club management is as easy as checking online for organizations near you. Look for troops in your town — and if none exist, create one!
  • Kids are not just selling cookies and learning how to tie knots during their meetings. Practical life skills are also important in the Scout culture: Wilderness survival, STEM skills and volunteer activities, to name a few.
  • Long-lasting troops help build memories and good relationships, but they do something else too: Build a resume! Scholarships and other opportunities are offered down the road for kids who have a strong history of volunteering in a group.

Budding Musician

If your child has a knack for an instrument, why not ask them if they’d like to join a music club? There are so many branches in this hobby, so have your child pick the area they are most passionate about.

  • Your songbird might benefit from singing lessons or a children’s choir. Look at local churches and your community center to find out what is happening nearby.
  • For the more mechanically-minded kiddo, learning to work on the back end where the mixing and editing come in might be something they never even thought of.
  • What genre excites them most? Sure, it might be annoying teenybopper stuff now but if it’s what they’re into, find them lessons in that genre. If it’s something they’re interested in, they’re more likely to enjoy it!

There are a multitude of activities that kids can get into if they have an interest in. Observe their hobbies and favorite activities and find a club that corresponds. Extracurricular activities keep kids excited and passionate and can help them to shape their future down the road.

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