Easy Ways to Make Your Office More Inviting

If you are lucky enough to have your own office, you know that you will spend more waking time there than in any other room at home or work over the course of your week. That should make you want to both personalize the space and make it inviting. Whether you use it to meet with co-workers, consult current and potential clients, or just entertain visitors, you want to give off a pleasant and friendly impression. Here are some simple ways to do that.


If you have windows in your office, natural light is your friend. If not, one of the best pieces of Indianapolis office furniture you can invest in is a soft lighting floor or desk lamp. This will create a much brighter, warmer, friendlier look than overhead fluorescent lighting. If you have any control over the color of your walls, opt for a neutral but bright tan shade. If not, consider using colored LED lights to offset darker-colored walls.


You may be somewhat limited by what your company allows but personalizing your area with tasteful artwork is one of the best ways to make yourself feel comfortable and make your guests feel like they’re somewhere they want to be. If you are passionate about movies, sports, or the arts, a framed vintage poster can be a great conversation piece. If you are a gamer or a kid at heart, some well-positioned toys work as well.


You may want to use some sort of candle warmer or plug-in to create a pleasant scent in your office, but you’re actually better off with a simple houseplant. Not only will it smell nice, but it will help circulate fresh air and improve your mood.

There are countless opportunities to make your office your own without going overboard. Make it a reflection of your personality, and your time spent there will be much more pleasant.

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