Bottleless water cooler systems for office

The old fashioned bottled water dispenser in the corner of the office may soon go the same way as the manual typewriter and the rotary phone. Advanced water treatment technology is transforming office water coolers into healthy and convenient systems that are cleaner, greener, and more cost effective than ever before.

Bottleless water cooler systems for office

Bottleless water cooler systems are an affordable, innovative means of ensuring the constant supply of fresh water that every workplace needs. Because they’re closed systems that utilize ordinary tap water, bottleless systems eliminate the disadvantages of old fashioned systems and offer a host of advantages over bottled water dispensers, including the following:

Cleaner water – Bottleless water systems use a multi-stage process to treat and purify water starting with a sediment filter that removes dirt, rust and silt. A carbon filter then removes organic contaminants and chemical solvents, and a further filtration step eliminates contaminants like lead and mercury. Depending on the specific system the water may be still further treated.

Fresher, better-tasting water – Constant automatic tank sanitation eliminates the slime and algae growth that are constant concerns in bottled water dispensing systems. The water that comes out of the bottleless cooler system is always fresh, but some systems actually go further; for instance, the 3i[+] BOOST from Optimum Water Solutions actually injects activated oxygen into the water for improved taste and freshness.

Anti-germ design – Bottleless systems are ergonomically designed to prevent contamination from containers at the dispensing nozzle, and some even feature anti microbial surfaces.

No bottles to deal with – A bottleless system means there are no heavy, oversize jugs to deal with. There are no deliveries to schedule and accept, no wasted storage space, and no awkward refill routines that require lifting and often involve spilling.

A greener solution – Bottled water is far from green or eco-conscious. Its various stages of preparation, packaging, and delivery involve processes that emit harmful carbon gasses and take a serious toll on the environment. A bottleless system can significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint.