Benefits of Using Online IT Service Centers

Today’s business is fueled by information technology, no matter what you do. Information technology has changed the way the world works and plays. Some believe it’s good; others believe it’s bad. Either way, you sit in your office frustrated as you stare at your business’ monthly financials. Information technology may streamline your business processes, but it’s also eating into your bottom line. Should you consider offsite support? Yes, and here are numerous reasons why.

Benefits of Using Online IT Service Centers

No Employee Costs


To get to the bottom line right away, offline support means you can let your IT staff go – at least most of them. This sounds harsh, and nobody wants to encourage someone to layoff personnel in today’s economy, but if you do not have an IT department to staff, you save money on salaries, benefits, insurance, and employment taxes. Do you really need all of your IT staff? If not, consider reducing this cost, but only after you write them excellent references so they can find work elsewhere.


No Call Center Costs Either


Don’t replace your IT department with an offsite IT call center. The center must pay its technicians who are ready, willing, and able to answer the phones day and night, which makes this option more expensive. Rather, look into offsite IT support that is online. An Online Service Center is a website your employees can utilize to look up answers and directions to solve their IT issues. In most cases, the center can still help with complex problems not easily solved by a step-by-step how-to article.


Reduces Employee Time Waste


Another slap in the face of your business’ bottom line is employee time waste. In other words, the less time your employees spend doing their jobs, the less productive they become. Your employees are not working when they’re stuck on the phone waiting for an IT tech, so prevent the disruption to their workflow by providing an alternative help method. Self-service tools give the employees what they need at their fingertips, which means problem solved and back to work more quickly for you.


Available at All Times


As with most call centers, the information on the service center’s website is available 24/7/365, which is perfect if your business goes into the night or early morning hours and when employees working overtime need a little assistance. No matter the time, you and your employees can find solutions to your IT problems with a few clicks of the mouse. This also keeps production moving forward at preferable paces, which helps your bottom line in the end. Less downtime means more money.


Reduces Operating Costs


Aside from the employee costs discussed above, a service center that you and your employees can access online reduces some of your operating costs. For example, you may choose to network your business’ IT system and load the software everyone uses onto one server. This reduces the cost of purchasing individual software packages for each workstation; you’re only responsible for the licenses. When you alleviate the need for an offsite call center, you also reduce that operating cost.


Teaches Employees New Skills


Finally, you may have an IT tech in your midst without even realizing it. The more employees become self-sufficient in addressing their technical problems, the more savvy they become in technology. One employee may excel in resolving computer issues, and he or she can become your in-house IT tech when issues prove too difficult for online tutorials. The more your employees learn about their computers, the more comfortable they will be using them, which also increases productivity.


These are just some of the ways self-service online technical support can help your business. When you give people the tools they need to get the job done, nearly all of them do. If you have a straggler who refuses to get the job done no matter what, well, you know what to do.

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