Bail Can Be the Answer

You are visiting Pennsylvania for a week-long stay, and on the advice of a friend, you join with a group to visit a popular bar. After a few drinks and the best hamburger you have ever tasted, you all pile back into the car, and your friend begins the drive home. The problem is, someone in another vehicle didn’t see the red light they were supposed to stop at as the car you were in moved through the intersection. When your automobile stopped spinning, and everyone declared they were okay, the police arrived and arrested everyone for intoxication – including you. Now what?

Bail Can Be the Answer

The Process

After you have been officially arrested and your Miranda Warning is read, you will be asked to submit to the process of fingerprinting, interviewing, and maybe even a search. Whether you go into a cell by yourself or a large waiting area filled with different individuals may depend on what city you are in and how many people have been arrested around the same time you were. Some jurisdictions will request you remove your shoes, tie, belt, and submit all personal items to the clerk before moving to the holding area.

The Judge

When you meet with the judge, you will be presented with your charges and given a bail amount. That is when you or a family member can contact a bail bonds Scranton PA to establish your release from jail. When the bail amount is given, and you pay that sum to the clerk, you are signing a contract with the court to keep all your appointments, or bail will be lost.

If you find yourself under arrest and in need of bail, remember to be respectful when meeting with the judge. He or she may even lower the bail amount for you and save you a great deal of money.

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