5 Ways to Streamline Printing When Shipping Products

While moving to a paperless system can be beneficial for business, there are still things that need to be printed. Shipping products and other documents may be mandatory in the business dynamic. When it comes to printing these forms, there are several ways you can streamline the process for cost and time. This can help the business save money while becoming more efficient.

Buy in Bulk

Nearly anything can be bought in bulk today. In most cases, purchasing boxes of paper and ink can save a great deal of money. Wholesale distributors, online vendors and even some local office supply stores may be able to accommodate for bulk purchasing of printable materials.

Label Integration

Using integrated labels for shipping can be beneficial for both cost and time. Instead of printing out two separate sheets for address labels and invoices, a single sheet can give you a removable label sticker that can be put on the box or envelope. These label forms can come in a variety of shapes and sizes matching many kinds of invoicing software.

Refillable Inks

Many printers use cartridges that can be refilled a couple of times before they are completely useless. Using refill kits can save a lot of money annually as these cartridges can become quite a costly expense. However, this process can be messy and may require someone with knowledge of how to recycle these cartridges.

Network Printers

Network printers can be worth their weight in gold when considering sending documents to the warehouse or packaging area of the business. These devices do not require a computer to be used while allowing everyone in the business to send invoices and such to the packaging department. This could save a lot of time while improving efficiency – especially in larger businesses.


If you have an eCommerce site, it may be beneficial to have items you’re selling already packaged in correct boxes or envelopes. This way, they can be shipped out almost immediately once the label and invoice has been printed. If you don’t seal these boxes until they’re ready to go, you can easily add documents before shipping.

Efficiency in business often leads to a greater net income. Costs can influence your monthly budget while time can be utilized to increase productivity. Discover ways to operate the printing aspect of the business and keep more money in the coffers of the company.

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