3 Ways To Keep Electronic Data Secure

Keeping confidential information out of the wrong hands is an important task. Businesses and their consumers can be put at risk if hackers are able to access sensitive information. Keeping data secure should be a priority for any company, as improperly storing and protecting information can lead to serious consequences.

1. Shredding

When a hard drive is no longer needed, ensuring that the information stored on it is removed is important. Submerging the hard drive in water or running a magnet over it will likely not remove all of the information. Software exists that wipes out data, but it is not always effective. The best method is physically destroying the hard drive. There are companies that specialize in destroying paperwork and electronics in order to keep information secure. Find a company that specializes in hard drive destruction Boston MA and ask about what other services they offer to get everything done at once.

2. Encryption

Guard all online transactions using encryption software that protects the information being transmitted over the internet. Any storage devices, such as external hard drives, should be properly encrypted and stored in a locked filing cabinet or safe.

3. Use Strong Passwords

While it may be annoying to have to remember the passwords to all of the different websites and programs needed to conduct business on a daily basis, using strong passwords will decrease the likelihood that any of the accounts will be hacked. Try to make them long and use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols if permitted.

A security breach can negatively impact many people’s lives. If a company is hacked, it can result in the identity theft of hundreds or thousands of customers, the loss of company secrets and assets, and a damaged reputation. Take steps to evaluate the current system and make corrections promptly.

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