Difficult legal situations often cause a frantic search for a criminal lawyer. Most people have no idea where to turn when looking for lawyers. With your reputation and freedom on the line, you don’t want to find just any criminal lawyer Sydney residents might know, you want the best criminal lawyer to stand beside you in court. The key to finding the perfect lawyer for your situation is to take the time to actively search for high-quality legal representation. The following three tips will help you make the ideal choice for your defense.



Many criminal lawyers practice in Sydney. They range from fresh out of law school to those with many trials under their belts. Some specialise in making sure charges never go to court, while others are experts in trial situation. While you want a proven lawyer standing beside you, there are advantages to choosing an attorney with less experience. Less experienced criminal lawyers often charge less and have the drive to prove themselves. Experienced attorneys often know the tricks of the trade, but their work costs more. Taking the time to evaluate the experience level of several lawyers will help you decide which lawyer works best for both your defense and your wallet.


It can be embarrassing to admit to those around you that you need a criminal attorney. You will find that many criminal lawyers don’t advertise. They understand that word of mouth is the best way to bring in clients. Friends and family, online reviews and other lawyers can all be good sources for finding the best criminal attorney for your situation. Finding a criminal lawyer with the respect of those within the community and the justice system can increase your chances of avoiding fines and jail time.


Every lawyer has a different personality. Taking the time to meet with each lawyer or firm you are considering helps you decide who has a personality that you can work with. While you want someone tough enough to fight for you, you also want someone that you can get along with throughout your case. Some criminal lawyers are very dry and professional. Others are great listeners. Sitting down and discussing your circumstances in an interview can help you find the type of attorney you would like to work with.

Most people don’t anticipate needing the services of a criminal lawyer. If trouble comes your way, taking the time to find the best lawyer for your defense is the key to avoiding serious consequences. ETB Legal, the leading criminal lawyers in Sydney and beyond, prides itself on offering experience, reputation and a caring hand to hold in troubling times. Learn more by visiting them at http:/www.etblegal.com.au/.