3 Jobs You Can Try in 2019

3 Jobs You Can Try in 2019

Most people dread the job search, especially when you have been looking for a while. One approach may be to think outside of the box. You always have the option to go back to school or obtain a certificate. Here are a few jobs that may be overlooked:

3 Jobs You Can Try in 2019

Electronics Manufacturer

Currently, everyone uses technology, whether a smartphone or a computer, so this is a stable job market. Your basic day would involve the overseeing production or maintaining the equipment like a pick and place machine.  There is so much more to choose from though. You could be a part of the design, delivery, or sales team. It could be a good fit for many. If you want a job here, the best way is to make connections with people in the industry.


While the needle fear could stand in your way, this is could be a great choice for anyone that wishes entry to a medical profession. Your days would involve seeing patients and helping them with their procedures. You may also be asked to review the patient’s information and talk with them. Like anything in the medical profession, there are many formalities and rules to follow. Access to this job requires training and a certificate from a phlebotomy program, and it usually takes a year.


If you have a knack for drawing and a love for geography, this could be a great choice for you. Cartographers are hired to create maps to help people understand information. This can be useful for working with many different types of people from scientists to newspaper editors. The entry to this position may be harder than the previous two because you will need a specific degree to access this type of work.

For any job search, the key is to not give up. Research where you would like to work and make sure you are always polite and considerate.

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