World Cup – billion industry

Opening game of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will start at 3pm the day 13/6 (Vietnam time, ie days 17h 12/6 am local time). Before kick-off, experts estimate this year’s tournament will bring about $ 4 billion in revenue for the World Football Federation (FIFA), up 66% compared with the 2010 World Cup taking place in South Africa and a half in This number ($ 2 billion) as profit.

Most of the money earned by selling the TV broadcast rights ($ 1.7 billion) and marketing campaign ($ 1.35 billion) from partners such as Adidas, Sony, Visa, Hyundai and Coca-Cola. The company is not afraid to roll the money into the World Cup mountain because of the influence on the world. This event is the largest revenue among global sports tournament.

World CupWorld Cup brings billions in revenue for FIFA.

According to a survey by FIFA, has 909 million TV viewers worldwide turn to watch television at least a minute in the finals (between Spain against Holland) played in the 2010 World Cup. Nearly 620 million viewers than 20 continuous minutes of this game. As of award had over 3.2 billion people watched at least one minute when the match takes place.

World Cup 2010 as well as sporting events attract the most viewers in the United States. Sports channel ESPN’s popular entertainment (USA) announced after the event ended, it had 3.26 million viewers and coverage to 2.29 million households across the U.S., up 31% compared the World Cup in 2006. finals alone, ESPN has attracted more than 15.6 million viewers

FIFA earned large sums from the World Cup but also spend less to operate without competition. In Brazil this year, the Federation paid about 576 million dollars for the unit members, the team has competed in both the program and ensure security, 37% higher than the cost of four years ago.

This year’s championship team will be awarded $ 35 million, and 16 enrolled in the effects loop 8 million per team. During a month of the event this time, each player an average day spend $ 2,800 in Brazil.

The business started booming World Cup since 1990 and, when the broadcast rights spike. Since the 1998 season (held in France), the total revenue from the FIFA World Cup has increased 11 times. Financial success of this sports event is the highlight of the sports industry’s growth. 2015-2018 school year budget of $ 4.9 billion is FIFA, which has U.S. $ 2.15 billion for the 2018 World Cup taking place in Russia. In fact, up to $ 3.8 billion in total investment amount directly to football.

World Cup – billion industry
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