Your Well-Stocked Office Desk

A well-stocked desk at your office can make you more efficient and your workday more productive. Try to keep the top of your desk uncluttered, and store your office supplies in the drawers of the desk.

Your Well-Stocked Office Desk

Basic Items
The basics of a well-stocked desk are writing implements. Pencils, both mechanical and non-mechanical, fine-tipped markers, highlighters and pens are all necessary for the success of every business professional. Additional tools include a stapler, paper clips, a tape dispenser, binder clips and a hole puncher.
Having a large supply of multipurpose paper on hand will enable you to keep track of meetings, schedules and more.
Correspondence Items
Envelopes, address labels and stamps should have their own drawer. File folders, shipping envelopes, tape, bubble wrap and business cards should be stored nearby.
Emergency Items
The shrewd business professional knows the importance of keeping a small stash of supplies on hand in case of an emergency. The importance of having emergency supplies is very great, particularly in a large metropolis such as New York City. Suggestions for small, easily portable emergency supplies include: a hand-cranked AM/FM radio, an LED flashlight, a compass, a map of the local area, a supply of cash and sturdy walking shoes.
It is also a good idea to keep a few cans of soup in your desk as well. And don’t forget the opener—far more people remember to keep a few cans of food on hand than remember to bring a can opener.

Your Well-Stocked Office Desk
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