Visit a Dermatologist For a Variety of Skin Conditions

When you have problems with your facial or body skin, it is imperative to seek treatment. If you live in Oregon near Newberg or McMinnville, then Yamhill Valley Dermatology and Laser Center has a highly trained dermatologist who can diagnose your skin problem before creating an effective treatment plan. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and when it is showing signs of a disease, you should determine what the problem is to prevent additional health problems. Skin problems can manifest as discolorations, bumps or itchiness.Visit a Dermatologist For a Variety of Skin Conditions

Helping Children Overcome Skin Infections

Dermatologists care for all age groups, including infants, teenagers and adults. There are several skin conditions that require treatment from a dermatologist. Children often have unusual skin problems that are caused by childhood diseases such as chickenpox or measles. These diseases cause skin rashes or bumps that disappear within a few days or weeks. However, children can contract contagious skin conditions in a school, and if your child has impetigo around her lips or on her hands, then she requires an antibiotic ointment.

A Dermatologist Can Treat Acne or Eliminate Acne Scars

Teenagers can develop serious acne that can lead to scarring on the face or body if it isn’t treated. At a dermatologist’s facility, a teenager can receive prescription cleansers to remove the excess sebum from the skin to prevent pimples and blackheads. In some cases, female adolescents can benefit from taking oral hormones to change their body chemistry to control their acne. If a teenager has inflammation in his skin, then taking antibiotics can help to reduce the number of large papules on his face or body. When an adolescent already has deep acne scars, a dermatologist can perform a dermabrasion procedure or dermal filler injection to improve the appearance of the damaged skin.

Dermatologists Can Examine and Treat Cancerous Moles On Your Skin

As someone ages, she may develop additional skin problems that are caused by exposure to sunlight and changes in body chemistry. If you notice a change in a mole on your body or face, then a dermatologist can collect skin cells from the growth to perform a biopsy. Today, there are modern treatments for cancerous moles that often require using a cool laser, and you can also have moles removed before the growths have a chance to develop cancer cells.

Visit a Dermatologist For a Variety of Skin Conditions
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