UK – China contracted $ 20 billion liquefied petroleum gas

“Contracts with a term of 20 years. Rates are also consistent with both parties. This is an important trade bridge between China and the UK”, BP CEO – Bob Dudley said.

This acquisition was decided yesterday, during a visit by Chinese Premier England – Li Keqiang, to strengthen economic relations and diplomacy of the two countries. “We have signed contracts worth $ 28 billion, create more jobs and economic growth in the long term for both the UK and China,” British Prime Minister – James Cameron said in a joint press conference.
UK - China
BP will also apply to China 1.5 tons of carbon per year. Photo: Bloomberg

The contract between BP and CNOOC is the largest in the visit. BP will supply gas to China 1.5 tons per year, starting in 2019.

China Minsheng – Investment Corporation, China’s largest private sector also opens European office in London and £ 1.5 billion poured into this country many industries. Oil giants – Royal Dutch Shell will sign a cooperation agreement with CNOOC on activities from exploration, mining and processing to transportation.

China is now the largest energy consumer in the world. According to the annual mid-term report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) announced last week, natural gas demand in China is expected to nearly double between now and 2019.

Last May, the national gas group Gazprom Russia (Russia) and the National Petroleum Corporation of China (CNPC) signed a purchase agreement to sell natural gas. Accordingly, Gazprom will supply China 38 billion m3 of gas per year for 30 years. Contract value is more than $ 400 billion valuation.

UK – China contracted $ 20 billion liquefied petroleum gas
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