U.S. media has profit from World Cup

U.S. media has profit from World Cup

World Cup has broken all records of ESPN, helping the company boost advertising revenue in five seasons hottest isolated. This also means “golden goose” of Disney will earn more than $ 100 million spent to buy the rights of this tournament. The impact will be reflected in the financial statements of the forthcoming Disney, released on 8/8.
profit from World Cup

The media are the ones who benefit the most World Cups.

Fox’s billionaire Rupert Murdoch, the media have even paid $ 425 million for the next two World Cups. It seems this year’s World Cup has been very successful in attracting many football fans, especially in America.

However, their profitability remains to be considered. 2018 and 2022 World Cup will take place in locations not favorable time zone for the Americans – in Russia and Qatar. Besides, it is difficult to anticipate whether the U.S. team can go deep or not. This is the key to success or failure of these channels.

Also on the list is to benefit from the World Cup Major League Soccer – Professional Football League of America and Canada. The number of service subscribers see all match of this tournament website has increased 4 times. Website traffic to increase 3 to 6.6 million in June.

World Cup is the most exciting event with two social networking giants Facebook and Twitter. Facebook said that more than 300 million users has more than 2 billion interactions on the event. Semi-final between Germany and Brazil attracted a record conversations with 66 million and 200 million people interacting.

Meanwhile, Twitter has 35.6 million celebrities tweet for this game. This is a quality game has the most tweeted on micro-blogging, with an average of more than 580,000 tweets per minute. However, this event has helped Facebook and Twitter add new users will not only be published in a report last month.

U.S. media has profit from World Cup
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