Start your business as a screen door seller

If you plan to start your own company building, selling and/or installing screen doors, first learn about screen doors basics and your competition to make sure you’re offering consumers an in-demand quality product. Screen door suppliers offer screen doors to meet the needs of just about any home or business, so you should get familiar with all the options.

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As a screen door supplier, seller or maker, you can target homes and businesses in need of security screen doors, retractable screen doors, sliding screen doors, old-fashioned wooden screen doors and screen doors for garages. While the garage screen door business remains small, it’s definitely a market to exploit. Consider the following as you begin your research:

1. Warranties vary widely among screen door makers and providers, ranging from 30 days to life time, so earn customer trust with the best warranty policy you can afford.

2. Opt for charcoal-colored screens on your doors, and avoid screens of other colors since they tend to look dirty when used outdoors.

3. Avoid hidden costs with your screen doors by letting customers know the quoted price includes/doesn’t include the door, installation, inspection, screen, threshold, lockset, delivery, weather stripping and any other service or material needed.

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Start your business as a screen door seller
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