Sony business estate

Sony business estate

Japanese electronics giant – Sony has announced that will attack the real estate market , to take advantage of customer data from an array of consumer electronics .

Real estate segment will begin operation in August , including brokerage , real estate management and consulting . Initially , Sony will be poured into this 250 million yen ( 2.4 million USD) .

” Sony has quite the amount of customer information from two large arrays laptops and PlayStation . Therefore , they can use them in the real estate business . Complaint is the optimization of assets over the strategic water ” , Yasuo Nakane – analysts at Deutsche Bank said on Bloomberg .
Sony business estate

Sony plans to attack the real estate segment . Photo: Bloomberg

The new division called Sony Real Estate , with offices located in the Ginza neighborhood of Tokyo high . Sony is establishing a leadership team to guide the business outline .

This information was previously published in the Nikkei . This sheet also revealed Sony will open 10 new businesses in the next 3 years , including toys .

Sony is struggling to find a new hit products , in order to keep moving to mobile device users . Meanwhile , Apple and Samsung are very active in seeing that this demand TV , cameras and personal computers is declining .

Mr. Hirai is trying to revive after Sony forecasts $ 1.1 billion loss in the previous fiscal . Recently , Sony has to sell its headquarters in Tokyo and the array Vaio computer manufacturers are at a loss to restructuring . They also said it would cut 5,000 jobs and more cost savings .

Sony business estate
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