Russian businesses has benefit from U.S. sanctions

Tech billionaire – Vladimir Evtushenkov ( Russia ) owns a production company bank card processor fitted . After a number of Russian banks punished not work with credit card companies in the U.S., demand for the company’s products have skyrocketed .

The majority of Russian credit institutions issuing Visa card or MasterCard support . When the Russians pay by card , including the local shops or to withdraw money from ATM transactions are usually processed through payment systems abroad .

However, because the issue of Ukraine , President Barack Obama ordered sanctions three Russian banks related to Putin – Rossiya , SMP and InvestKapital . Accordingly , U.S. companies are prohibited by or for them . Immediately, Visa and MasterCard have stopped providing services to the bank .

Russian businesses
Russia will develop its own payment system to avoid dependence on the United States . Photo: RIA Novosti
In total, 19 companies and 45 individuals listed as Russian America was born black book , though many, the ban had little meaning . They did not get a visa to the United States and are not allowed to own property here . Although the industry has not been seriously affected , political tensions and urge Russia to develop its own technology systems .

This month , Putin signed a law forcing companies to global Intenet , like Google or Facebook , to store user data in servers located in Russia Russia . This move will help the Russian Internet company has the advantage , Bloomberg said.

Tensions between the U.S. and Russia to support global positioning system Glonass – GPS rival in Russia . Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has threatened to close the 11 GPS stations in this country since day one sixth . These stations will be shut down permanently if the U.S. does not allow Russia put the Glonass similar stations on the territory of the United States . This system can help the industry universe of Russia , including satellite manufacturers as Information Satellite Systems and Gazprom Space Systems .

However, the technology company – finance new biggest beneficiaries . Mr. Putin is urging the country’s lawmakers approved a bill to set up a separate payment system , MasterCard and Visa instead . All 20 million state employees will receive salary support cards with this system . Banks can also issue these cards for private employers .

This is good news for billionaires Evtushenkov . It means demand payment cards Russian production will increase at least 10 % , according to data from the country’s central bank . Evtushenkov factory in Moscow is expected to receive huge orders .

Whatever the case , including impunity , the Russians will also use the priority to reduce the risk of internal monitoring or having trouble with memory chips overseas . This is a common concern of both Americans and Russians .

Russian businesses has benefit from U.S. sanctions
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